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Conef Gaz was founded in November 2006, and today it is one of the important licensed natural gas suppliers in Romania. In regards to supplying natural gas, Conef Gaz is specialized in the delivery of imported and domestic natural gas on the wholesale market to distributors, other suppliers and to the thermal and electric energy producers, offering security and high quality service. The delivery security is a result of the direct import source, which is provided by our majority shareholder Conef Energy, through a long-term contract - until 2030 - established directly with the Russian producer Gazprom and by our exceptional collaboration with the internal producer Romgaz.

Right from the foundation, besides delivering natural gas on the wholesale market, Conef Gaz had the task to offer its services to industrial consumers in various branches of the industry, such as:

Conef Gaz:

Through a responsible manner of management and a professional team, there is a continuous monitoring and measuring of the way in which the demands of the client, regulations and the capacity of facilities are satisfied, incorporated and accomplished, through the professionalism and dedication of the team in order to satisfy the demands of our consumers. The needs of our clients, regulations and environment protection are identified, analysed, adopted and satisfied through the delivery of individually elaborated solutions that are intended to bring profitability and satisfaction to our clients.

On its way from the reservoir to the burner in your company, natural gas has the route:

transport and distribution

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