Quality Management

Since 2007, we applied our new Integrated Management System (IMS), which after its full implementation created a new reference for every CONEF GAZ (CG) process. IMS includes requirements regarding the way in which we treat with professionalism and seriousness the demands of our clients, offering a systematic approach regarding the reduction of environmental risk and improvement of our performance.

IMS has continuously evolved, starting from the foundation offered by the demands of the ISO 9001:2000 reference standards (now also ISO 9001:2008) and ISO 14001:2004, and is an integrated system that utilizes the capacities of advanced and modern management in the practices of our organization. The progressive implementation of IMS will help us consolidate the level of our performance, as a guarantee of professionalism and seriousness for the provided services.

Our Values

The way in which we work together is based on the sharing of common values, which are at the core of our organization's identity. We are dedicated to our values, from the manner in which we create the development strategies of our company to the way in which we treat our employees.

We are honest, we operate according to ethical principles and we follow legal regulations. We honor our commitments and take responsibility for our actions.

We are open to novelties and changes. We are honest with each other and we share our knowledge and experience.

Trust and Mutual Respect
The relationship with our employees is based on fairness and kindness. We trust our colleagues and treat them with honesty.

Social Responsibility
We are committed to an adequate and fair relationship with our colleagues, clients and supplies, as well as a responsible approach towards the environment and the communities in which we live and work. We try to improve the quality of life in places where we operate. Our goal is to ensure a healthy and secure environment in the long term. We take into consideration the need of the current generation. In the same way we accept responsibility for the new generation.

Environmental management
CG has established its environmental strategy in 2007, has identified significant environmental aspects, potential emergency situations to which the organization has to respond and decided to remain focused on the environmental and business needs, through a selective management of resources and waste, and through application of legal requirements.

We respond to arising challenges (legal requirements and regulations)
As part of IMS, we have adopted an integrated tactic for the method through which we identify, monitor and how we understand to respond to potential environmental problems, such as the right of access to resources, in order to ensure the correct assessment of social problems.
On several aspects, our response, at the beginning of every year, through our goals and requirements to which we are committed, allowed us to become better prepared to follow the legal requirements and regulations that govern the industry in which we operate.  
Following the regulations of the National Regulation Authority is, of course, a fundamental aspect of maintaining our privilege to operate on the market of natural gas suppliers in Romania. In fact, more than a basic aspect - to be a responsible operator, the compliance with legal requirements and regulations is at the core of all our efforts to take a progressive attitude and sustain our long-term value in business.

Conef Gaz management is guided by the following principles:
Client focus- Our organization depends on its clients and this is the reason why current and future demands of clients need to be identified, thus ensuring that we are able to meet them completely. Dedication of our staff- The employees at all levels represent the central element of an organization, and their total dedication allows for their abilities to be utilized in order to maximize the results of our organization. Process approach - A desired result is achieved more efficiently when the resources and the corresponding activities are integrated in a process.

Systemic Approach
Identifying, understanding and managing the system of interconnected processes for a specific goal contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.
Continuous improvement - The organization has to pursue continuous improvement of all processes, starting with the marketing research to identify the demands and up to the stage of utilization; the process of continuous improvement needs to be approached through the PDCA cycle: Plan - Do - Check - Act.

Proof with data
Decisions should be based on the analysis of data and information; it is recommended that before they are utilized to solve problems and make decisions, data have to be accurately verified. Mutually advantageous relationships with suppliers - These types of relationships have a favorable impact on the capacity of the organization and its suppliers to achieve the expected results.

Pollution prevention
We analyze, identify and implement every action or process of our organization, which allows us to measure the results that we achieve for the management of the factors through which CG can have an impact, of any kind, on the environment, but especially to prevent pollution, even if it is accidental.

Politics available to the public
The highest level of management in CG established and adopted a Declaration of Integrated Management System Politics of CG, which is a public document in all working spaces of the organization that can be accessed on the website of the organization at the following link:

On its way from the reservoir to the burner in your company, natural gas has the route:

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