Services provided through partners

Conef Gaz has established a partnership with Elcomex EN S.R.L to extend the selection of provided services and to meet the demands of our clients regarding electric energy supply. For more information, visit

Other services that Conef Gaz is offering in partnership with Consult Energ L.L.C and Elnet Instal L.L.C are:

- Electro-energetic, thermo-energetic and complex audits for any type of installation or any type of consumers, including auto vehicles.
- Energy audit for buildings (apartments etc.) that results in the emission of the Energy Certificate according to the new requirements of the European Community that will enter into force in the following months.
- Residential and industrial electric installation services, including the assembly of residential and industrial electric installations, execution and measurement for ground sockets and lightning conductor systems, reactive energy compensation batteries, static power converters and any type of security systems.

For more information, visit and In the Official Monitor, Part I, nr 628 from 29/08/2008, the Government Ordinance nr. 22/2008 regarding the energetic efficiency and the promotion of renewable energy sources utilization for final consumers was published, which through article 9 establishes implementation methods for measures of improving energetic efficiency by energy suppliers.

Government Ordinance nr. 22/2008 (Official Monitor)

“ Article 9 (1) .... companies that sell energy take measures to make their own energetic consumption more efficient and are required to:
[...] c) apply under the conditions of this ordinance, directly and/or indirectly, through other suppliers of energetic services or of measures to improve the energetic efficiency the following:
(i) to offer energetic services to final consumers at competitive prices and to promote these services or;
(ii) to provide final consumers with energy audits that were elaborated independently at competitive prices [...]”

In this manner, Conef Gaz is ready to meet your demands, offering through its specialized partners the following services: 

On its way from the reservoir to the burner in your company, natural gas has the route:

transport and distribution

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